50 Ways to Improve Your Airport

Delta Airport Consultants, Inc. had the pleasure of presenting a pilot’s perspective of ways to improve an airport at the recent NBAA 2015 Business Aviation Convention.  Charlie Lamb identified over 50 ways and discussed how pilots can engage airport management on them:

1. Runway Edge Lighting: Keep the Runway Lights Burning
2. Pilot Control Lighting (PCL)
3. Approach Lights: What they can do for you
4. Runway Edge Lights: HIRL vs. MIRL
5. Confirm Runway Approach Surfaces Are Clear
6. Review Existing IAP For Non-standard Minimums
7. Upgrade IAP With Vertical Guidance
8. Eliminate Need For Circle-to-land Instrument Approaches
9. Provide GPS Satellite And Ground Based Approach To The Primary Runway
10. Eliminate Remote Altimeter Setting Source (RASS)
11. Request RNAV (GPS) LPV or LP Approach
12. Review FAA IAP Production Plan
13. Know How To Request An IAP
14. Report When Controlling Obstructions Are Removed
15. ATC Contract Info Sign – At Ramp and Hold Apron
16. Ground Communication Outlet (GCO)
17. Remote Communication Outlet (RCO)
18. Improved Existing ATC Communication Capability
19. Local Altimeter Source
20. AWOS
21. ADS-B
22. Runway Visual Range (RVR)
23. Taxiway Alignment
24. Taxiway Fillets
25. Curved Taxiway Ends
26. New Taxiway Designations (A1, A2, A3)
27. Runway Width (100’ vs 150’)
28. 12’ Sock Vs 8’ Sock
29. Internal Lighted vs Flood Lighted
30. Supplemental Wind Sock (Also Outside OFA)
31. Obstruction Light On Separate Circuit
32. PAPI
33. SMS
34. More Closed Taxiways
35. NAVAIDS And Glideslope Impacts
36. Temporary PAPI and REILS
37. Coordinate Runway Extensions Well In Advance With FAA Flight Procedures
38. Taxiway Enhanced Centerline
39. Surface Painted Hold Position Signs
40. Distance-to-go Signs
41. Groove Pavement
42. Paved Runway Shoulders
43. Blast Pad
44. Fuel Tenders
45. Small Self-Serve Avgas ‘Day Tank’
46. Security and Emergency Response Plan
47. Easy ‘In’ and ‘Out’ For Pilot and Crew
48. Mark Buildings and Hangars
49. After Hours Access To Restroom
50. Posted Contract Phone Numbers and Local Information
51. Place To Get Of The Weather After Hours
52. Dedicated And Marked Transient Tie-down
53. Tie-down Chocks and Ropes
54. Ramp Lighting
55. Designated Helicopter Parking Area