Andrews AFB

Infield Electrical Distribution Replacement & Obstruction Removal
  • Replace medium voltage distribution infrastructure
  • Remove airfield obstructions and waivers
  • Reduce energy and maintenance costs

Joint Base Andrews is home to the 89th Airlift Wing, which includes the Presidential Airlift Group, and serves the nation’s senior civilian and military leadership. The airfield must be operational at all times to serve routine and contingency missions. This project is part of a comprehensive 10 year on going program to rehabilitate and upgrade the airfield infrastructure to meet new missions and support global presence. Delta prepared a comprehensive airfield electrical infrastructure assessment as part of an airfield guidance sign project. A recommendation from this assessment was the replacement of the entire aging infield medium voltage distribution system which serves navigational aids, radar, and communications facilities. The design improved system reliability and energy efficiency and also cleared over 20 airfield obstructions and waiver conditions. This project established a benchmark for reducing airfield obstructions and hazards at military airfields.